Elevate Mindfulness 1000-Piece Jigsaw: Mandala Rocks



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This is a really novel idea for a range of jigsaws, with mindfulness becoming more mainstream in modern culture these jigsaws are a good way to take some 'me time' and get away from screens for a little while. The leaflet from Dr Stan Rodski was also an interesting read, it gave me some ideas on new ways to embrace jigsaws and I have had a lot of fun trying these out. June (Mum of 2) Manchester
Really enjoyed working on these jigsaws, the images are very relaxing and the jigsaw pieces themselves seem to be good quality. There is a large and clear image of the full jigsaw on the back of the box which is really helpful when putting this together, and I also found the little leaflet inside the box interesting to read and informative on how jigsaws impact your brain's activity. Cheryl (56) Curious Club


  • Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect complete brain exercise, utilising both the right and left sides
  • When assembling complex jigsaw puzzles we can help improve our visual-spatial reasoning by understanding how the smaller pieces fit together
  • Solving puzzles can help to improve your memory by reinforcing existing connections between brain cells
  • Jigsaws can also help to improve your mood and lower your stress levels, solving a jigsaw increases the production of dopamine in the brain
  • Jigsaw puzzles are also great to complete as either a solo activity, or as a group activity which can help build better collaboration and teamwork as well as being a great way to bond with friends and family!


Let the painted stones mesmerise and challenge your mind as you put together this beautiful Mandala Rocks Elevate Mindfulness 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.


Mindfulness is the activity of being fully focused on the present moment while letting go of judgment. Jigsaws are perfect for providing a relaxing distraction away from screens as well as allowing the left (logical) and right (creative) sides of the brain to work together to help achieve a state of creative meditation.


Each Mindfulness 1000-Piece Jigsaw includes a leaflet featuring techniques from renowned neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodksi, who has over 30 years experience focusing on peak performance and brain science research.


These techniques will help consumers harness the power of science to enhance their brains while having fun. Incorporating these practices while enjoying this spectacular jigsaw will help everyone find fun, new ways to solve the puzzle, and, more importantly, will create brain food for new neural connections and a healthier brain.


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