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Perfect for people who do jigsaws over a number of days rather than all at once, it means I can keep my pieces separated and safe without needing to tidy them all back into the box. It also gives me a bit more room on my jigsaw board rather than having pieces split out all over it taking up space! Jen (50's) London
This sorter has totally changed the way I do my jigsaws! I used to struggle to sort through the pieces to find what I was looking for and now I'm able to split them out by colour as I'm sorting through the box and can keep them separated rather than having to mix them all back up again in the box when I stop working on the jigsaw for a few days. Lisa (44) Worcestershire



  • The perfect way to organise your jigsaw puzzle, a must-have for all serious puzzle addicts
  • Durable plastic trays keep your pieces secure and organised
  • A real space saver, safely store your pieces in one convenient place to pick up when you need
  • Perfect to puzzle in your own way, sort your pieces by colour, shape or image, there’s a strategy for everyone
  • Enables you to re-start your puzzle at any time, for people who like to complete jigsaws at a more relaxed pace

    Do you love putting jigsaws together, but don’t have the room to spread out all the pieces?


    Do you like to complete your jigsaws over a few sittings, but don’t like leaving jigsaw pieces spread out over your coffee table or lounge-room floor?


    The Jigsaw Sorter is the perfect accessory for your jigsaw needs. Containing six 185mm x 190mm stackable trays, you can sort your pieces by colour, shape or any way you’d like to complement your most effective jigsaw-building style. Also, you can store up to 1000 pieces of your unfinished jigsaw across the six trays to ensure none of your important pieces go astray.

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