Kaleidoscope Kids Sticker Mosaics: Mythical Creatures


ISBN: 9781488942181

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I got bought this book by my mum and I really like doing it, it's not too hard to do and I like it when the picture is finished and you can see what it is meant to look like. Each picture takes me quite a long time to do as there are lots of stickers but I don't mind as it's fun to do. Grace (8 Years) Curious Club
I bought this book for my daughter as she had seen me work on my adult's version but she found some of the stickers too small for her to use so we were very excited when we saw that there is also a kids version so she can do her own book too. The stickers are just the right size for her to use by herself, but also not too big that it doesn't feel like a challenge for her, they've got the sizes spot on! Linda (Mum to Georgie) Devon
Love these books, I like to do them in my garden while the sun is shining, I find it really relaxing! It takes quite a while to complete each picture so it is a great way to pass the time and it's quite good for relaxing your mind as you can just focus on the stickers and building the image up with them all. I have a couple of these books now as I couldn't choose which one to try, they all have lovely pictures in them though so I'm happy to work my way through any of them! Kayleigh (32) London


  • Kids can try a new creative activity with this fun and imaginative sticker activity book
  • Slower paced crafting activities can develop patience in children, in a world of instant gratification this is a great way to step away screens
  • Engaging in creative craft activities also helps to develop a creative mindset in children
  • Completing these fun but challenging images can help bring a sense of accomplishment and improve endurance
  • A perfect gift for a little mythical creature fan, or for any creative child looking to try a new type of activity book

Kids can get truly immersed in the highly imaginative world of fun sticker art with Kaleidoscope Kids Sticker Mosaics: Mythical Creatures. This spectacular book designed specifically for kids features eight awesome images with over 600 stickers to fill in the gaps!


Each page contains an awesome geometric image of everyone’s favourite mythical creatures, whether it’s a dragon, fairy, mermaid, Pegasus, phoenix or unicorn! It’s so easy and satisfying for kids to do: they simply peel off the stickers, place them in the matching spaces on the page and voila! Every kid is on their way to completing an artistic masterpiece.

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